FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition

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FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition

Descarga online  el juego desde donde tu quierasThis game can be downloaded from the official servers of EA Games. You only have to connect to your EA Games account from the computer where you want to download the game and you will be able to download the game online.

Envio rapido de la
 cd-key del videojuegoOnce we get the money, we will send your game (cd-key) to your email in approximately three or four hours. This condition can´t be allways comply, because it depends of all orders we have at that moment, so we can delay to 12/24 hours (If we don´t notifiy you of a longer delay).

Cd-Key para SteamThe cd-key it´s compatible with EA Games Downloader. You will can play in official servers and your game will be kept up to date thanks to EA Games Downloader. To activate this cd-key follow the next instructions:

  • First go to EA Games webpage,  click here.
  • Once you are in the webpage, register on it or if you have already an account, just login. Follow the instructions.
  • Now download EA Games Downloader, it will allow us to insert our cd-key and download the game. To download EA GAMES DOWNLOADER click here.
  • Once you downloaded, install it and login with your EA Games account.
  • Now just click on "Activate" and insert the CD-KEY what we had sent to you.
  • Now just follow the instructions.

About the Game


All features unlocked

All in FM13 online unlockable features are unlocked from the start (e.g. team matrix, rumors, Psychological Profile, advanced Statistics, manager home).

Advanced database

New in this year’s game are the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Croatia.

Revised name pools

The international and national name pools (male and female first names, last names) have been completely revised. In total, over 6,000 new names were added.


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FIFA Manager 14 Legacy Edition
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